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Wild River State Park

Minnesota Horseback Riding | Wild River State Park

Wild River State Park has been one of my favorite places to ride for years. The park is a simple drive from the twin cities and offers a varied landscape with easy trails for horses and riders. Some of the highlights of the park are maintained horse trails shared with hikers only, many sandy trails that are great for beginners, children, and cantering. I’ve always spotted wildlife on my rides and the trails have never been crowded.

Minnesota Horseback Riding Trails
Minnesota Horseback Riding
Minnesota Horseback Riding
Minnesota Horseback Riding & Camping
We got to witness a controlled burn on one of our rides. The park is very well maintained.

We got to witness a controlled burn on one of our rides. The park is very well maintained.

Parking – Ample parking for horse trailers. The parking lot is part of a loop. There are high lines available in the parking lot for day users.

Trail Footings – About half of the trails are sand. The other half is soft soil. The trails are good for tender footed horses and horses without shoes. There are no gravel trails.

Beginner Friendly – Yes, all of the trails are beginner friendly and kid friendly. The trails are wide and there are no steep inclines or declines. The trails are well maintained.

Landscape - Varied. Prairie, hardwood forests, pine forests. Views of the St. Croix River.

Bath Rooms – There are pit toilets at the horse campground. There are flush toilets at the park.

Water – There is a water spigot at the horse campground.

Manure Disposal – There is an area for manure disposal at the horse campground.

Camping – There is a dedicated horse campground with 18 sites available. All of the sites offer some shade and have a high line provided.

Cost – $7 for a state park day pass or $35 for a yearly pass. A horse permit is also required.

Trails are shared with – Hikers only. No bikes.

Miles of trails available – There are 18 miles of trails, mostly loops, some out and back.

Winter Riding – No. Trails open May 1st.

Water crossing -There are some areas to enter the water.

Bridge crossing - Yes, a couple.

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