Seven Preparations for the Spring Season

Now that Spring fever has arrived and everyone is itching to be back out under the golden sunshine, it is time to start thinking about getting Spring ready!

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Here are seven ways to get you and your horse ready for the Spring season:

1. Body Condition

Have you checked your horses body condition score? Determine if they lost or gained any weight over the winter that needs to be adjusted.

If you want to check your horses body condition score click here

2. Vaccinations

Is your horse overdue for any vaccinations? They may be due for a checkup! Check on your horses current shots, teeth floating or any needed sheath cleaning.

If you need a reminder on what vaccinations your horse needs click here

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3. Winter Blankets

Now that the sun is shining it is time to wash and store that winter blanket! We recommend Happy Horse Equine Laundry. They help with laundry and repair and will even come pick up your gear!

If you would like to contact Happy Horse Equine Laundry you can call them at 651. 491. 3088

4. Trail Ride Planning

It is that time of year again to start daydreaming and planning all of those trail rides you want to get in this summer. Most trails open on May 1st. Our personal favorite is Three Rivers Park District trails for their accessibility and variety of landscape.

For more information visit Three Rivers Park District

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5. Feeding Options

Now that you have determined your horseโ€™s body condition score, it is time to adjust your feeding plans if needed. Does your horse need to lose or gain weight? Will you be working your horse more this season?

We love Purina products at our barn because they have many feed options depending on your horses needs.

Here is some more information on different feed options:

Ration Balancers

Senior Feed

All Around Feed

12:12 Vitamin and Mineral Supplements

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6. Learn a New Activity with Your Horse

I want to learn it all and do it all! Whoโ€™s with me?!

Here are a few fun things you could learn with your horse this riding season.

> Fox Hunt : Running through the forest with cute dogs, sign me up! Long Lake Hounds

> Polocrosse : It is both family and beginner friendly. Practice is held near the Ranch in Afton.

MN Polocrosse

> 4H : A little something for everyone. Washington County 4H

> Mounted Archery : Because we all know the inner goddess that is deep within you wants to shoot arrows off of a pegasus. Crow River Archery

> Endurance Riding : Physical fitness for both the rider and their horse. MnDRA

7. New Gear

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We canโ€™t forget about NEW GEAR!! Spring is the perfect time to get those new riding clothes and tack you have always wanted.

Here are some products I am currently loving.

Erin Olsen